Helping small to medium size businesses in their website journey through expertise in Website Design, Maintenance and SEO


Web Design

Designing websites that will captivate visitors and tell the story of your brand.  Helping you convert potential clients and gain a web presence.


Have you ever wanted to attempt to learn how to fix a website hack in a moment’s notice with no warning?  Sounds fun right?  Without a website maintenance plan this unfortunately could be you. 


Websites are more than just aesthetics, they have a direct impact on google search results.  This is why every business needs to be utilizing SEO (search engine optimization).  

Proven Process That Gets Results

1) Design

Discovering your brand identity and goals for the website redesign or build.  Creating the site architecture and overall aesthetics to help meet your goal and match your brand.

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2) Develope

Building the website to make it functional.  This includes uploading content, images, themes, plugins, etc. Using code to make sure the website is running smoothly and matches the design. Optimizing the website for computer, phone and tablet. 

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3) Launch

After a site test we will be ready for the exciting stuff, the launch!  Time to release the website to the public and get results. 

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Hey, I’m Rob

Creator and owner of Vivid Pine Design.  I have a passion for creativity and empowering clients to maximize their online presence.  I genuinely enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and helping their business succeed.  Unlike big design corporations where your business can get lost in the shuffle, I am able to prioritize your business.  Instead of being looked at like a statistic I want to build a lasting relationship.  I look forward to meeting you!

My Design Process

1) Design The first step of the design process will be meeting for discovery.  During the discovery I will meet with you to learn about your brand, goals, target audience, competition, etc.  Once I have a good understanding of what the new site identity will be the...

Why would a hacker target your website?

Why would a hacker target your site?  There are many motivations to hack a website other than just taking someone's credit card information.  Once a hacker is in your website they can steal sensitive information, inject malware, inject a virus, create SEO Spam,...

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