1) Design

The first step of the design process will be meeting for discovery.  During the discovery I will meet with you to learn about your brand, goals, target audience, competition, etc.  Once I have a good understanding of what the new site identity will be the visual design begins.  We will discuss brand colors, typography, imagery etc. for the overall aesthetics of the website.  I will then work with you to come up with the site architecture and site map using wire frames.  A wire frame will be the general look of the website laid out but with no content .  We will work together as a team until you feel that the design is perfectly matching your brand.  I won’t stop until you are satisfied! Once we have found the perfect layout I will go into the intricacies of developing a fully functioning website. 

2) Develope

This includes collecting the content of the website, uploading wordpress, theme, plugins, images, ect.  Code will be inserted to make sure all parts of the website run smoothly and look how we want them to. The site will also be optimized for computer, tablet and phone.  Before we launch the new site we will do a site test.  That way we can work out any kinks that may have caused an issue before the site is officially live.

3) Launch

I will empower you to have a full understanding of how the website functions and how to update content in the future.  I want you to feel comfortable using your website. This is the most exciting part of the process when we get to go live and get results!