Website Design

In the age of instant gratification a web design that is aesthetically pleasing and grabs  the attention of the user is at its utmost importance.  There is a reason instagram, facebook, tiktok or youtube reels are max 90 seconds.  There is also a reason you may have debated reading this article (I take no offense).  Attention spans may be lowering but I have the tools to empower you to overcome these challenges. 


I create websites that instantly conveys your brand before a client even reads a word of information.  Grabbing the attention of the client and drawing them in to learn more about how your company can help them.  I create aesthetically pleasing designs that are easy to navigate and get results.  I optimize the functionality of the website for computer, tablet and mobile.  To design your website I use a three step process: Design, Develop and Launch/Empower.  Click the link for more details.   

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance plans are important to prevent malicious attacks and keep your website running smoothly.  Websites become vulnerable to hacks, malware and viruses when websites are not regularly updated for the newest version of your theme, plugins, add-ons, ect.  Developers continually update plugins to improve their quality, add code and keep them secure.  Hackers attack later versions of plugins because they are less secure and easier to penetrate.  Once a hacker is in your website they can steal sensitive information, inject malware, inject a virus, create SEO Spam, ransomware and internet graffiti.  Along with avoiding security risks an outdated website will affect the functionality, speed of your website and SEO results.  Click on the link for more information about malicious attacks.  


My maintenance plan comes with weekly updates to make sure you are secure and running smoothly.  It also has regular site backups for peace of mind.  In the unfortunate event that your website does have a malicious attack I will be there for support.  Your emergency is my emergency!  My maintenance plan will save you a lot of time/money and prevent a migraine. 

Website SEO

In this new era of online business website SEO has a huge impact on the success of a business.  The internet has evened the playing field for small businesses.  Smaller businesses can now be found on the same page of a google search as a giant corporation even with far less of a budget.  This puts you in control of your financial future now more than ever. 


Search engine optimization is aligning your website to rank higher on search engine results pages (example: google).  Google uses multiple indicators to rank search results.  These include but are not limited to optimizing your loading speed, links, meta data, content, page format and making sure everything works on mobile.  There are different strategies for increasing google ranks but one thing to remember is it takes consistency over a period of time.  Knowing how SEO works and strategies for increasing your google rank will put you one step ahead of the competition. 

Lets get started!