Why would a hacker target your site?  There are many motivations to hack a website other than just taking someone’s credit card information.  Once a hacker is in your website they can steal sensitive information, inject malware, inject a virus, create SEO Spam, ransomware and internet graffiti. 

  1. Stealing sensitive customer information:  Hackers can steal credit card information of your customers or use their personal data to sell for a profit either to the actual customer or to third parties.
  2. Malware injections:  Malware is code that can be used for malicious attacks on your website.  Malware is the most popular way to receive login/password information, credit card fraud, identity theft, adware (pop-ups) and illegally monitoring a site just to name a few. 
  3. Virus injection:  Similar to malware but a virus is self-propagating. 
  4. Create SEO spam:  Some hackers will infiltrate your website without you knowing and change the SEO algorithm.  This will plummet your SEO and google search results and can take months/years to recover.  This can also allow them to redirect traffic, bypassing your website and going directly to the hackers own website. 
  5. Ransomware:  just how it sounds, a hacker taking over your website and holding it for ransom from you
  6. Internet graffiti:  usually a younger person attacking your website for fun.  Altering the appearance of your website.